Seward Realms

The Not So Impregnable Fortress of Dib


Dench and Wiglaf bravely defended Hornly's Tavern from a vicious goblin raid. Well, I mean, Dench was there the whole time swinging his axe in the vicinity of goblins, whilst Jarvis Hornly herself swung her mighty beer stein at their nasty little green heads and Wiglaf pelted them with bolts of flame. Sadly, two moderately inept commoners succumbed to the goblin scimitars before the raiders were defeated. 

Two of the little beasts escaped and, after a brief negotiation over the fee, Jarvis sent our mighty heroes in pursuit. The goblins hot-footed it down the old road south and darted away into… an overturned cart.

Not to be denied his prey, Dench gave the back door of the wagon a mighty kick! It shuddered most impressively but did not yield and the goblins fired arrows at him through slits. So, Wiglaf set the whole thing ablaze, quickly reducing it to ashes. But not, despite much shrieking, the goblins. Searching the detritus, Dench and Wiglaf found and simultaneously grabbed an 'oily sack' before plunging into the hole in the ground. Inevitably, this led to dirty remarks and inspiration all round—a boon to Dench who was having the tiniest problem hitting anything.

Down the ladder they went and along the tight passage, which turned sharply before opening into the goblin Dib's throne room. Dench's eagerness to get to the killing saw him setting off a fearsome trap but his primal senses alerted him to it and he suffered but a slight nick to the left knee. The pursuit had his blood up and he laid into the little monsters, making short work of them with assistance from the pointy-eared pyromancer, who killed the goblins and slightly set one or two things alight. 

Goblins dispatched, corpses looted, heads collected for Jarvis's bounty and the whole place rapidly turning into an inferno, the two returned to Fort Kennard for their reward: 50gp and a lifetime discount on Hornly's Kennard Pale. (And also a Hero Point each from the DM.)



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